How to Stop Drinking Beer in 5 Steps (Quickly)

You have never drunk too much, although you did have a university degree in which you took almost daily. At the end of the class you went out with some colleagues or others and went to nearby bars full of students. You have a huge collection of different type of stubby holders hidden in your room. Still if you are thinking to get rid of them, then below tips are for you only.

It is likely that you have lived this yourself and want to stop drinking definitely. You may also have started drinking in social situations and that has also moved to the home; at meals or even when you’re alone. There is the real problem.

How to stop drinking and remedies

  1. Commitment and be aware of your goal

To start changing any habit you need to commit yourself and be aware of what you want to change. Do you want to leave the beer completely? Decrease consumption up to one glass a day? Therefore, clarify your goal and write it down. Literally; Write on a sheet what your goal is for beer and leave it in a visible place (with the refrigerator). Actually it is very easy to commit and then forget or break the commitment.

  1. Be aware of what is affecting you and how it will benefit you

This can be called leverage. It is about making you aware of the harmful effects that an addiction to beer can have on you, including: deterioration of social and family relationships, hepatitis, cancer, brain damage, strokes, and pregnancy damage. Also the benefits of quitting: losing weight, feeling healthy, improving attention and concentration. I advise you to directly write notes on a sheet and put it next to the goal (you can use post-it).

  1. Find another habit

It will be much more difficult to stop drinking beer if you keep going to the same bar, go out with the same friends who drink beer or sit in the living room to watch TV (worse if you have beer in the fridge). To leave it, it is better that you begin to acquire another habit that replaces drinking.

It can be: going to the gym, playing tennis, dancing, drinking tea, drinking juice, signing up for a course / workshop, volunteering.


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